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[US/UK/EU Ship] 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine with Database V2021121801 Supports Android With Battery Free Update Online

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2 2M2 Magic Tank: With Battery [US/UK/EU Ship] 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine with Database V2021121801 Supports Android With Battery Free Update Online
2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Key Cutting Machine

E-Mail: Sales@2M2tank.com
Whatsapp: +86 15271813909

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49.3cm*43.1cm*49.4cm ( Inch: 19.41*16.97*19.45 )
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Product Description

2M2 Magic Tank Mobile APP Android control interface, easy to operate,fast and accurate,easy to carry out work.Milling for standard key,laser key, round keys, single sided key, tracked key, lateral tracked key, special key.No extra clamp(for HU162T,TOY2,HU66); Milling cutter spindle brushless motor,ball screw drive mechanism, cross roller guide,aluminum alloy body structure, outer casing engineering plastic,2 in 1 clamp,

2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Key Cutting Machine Supports Android & Bluetooth Battery Inside

2M2 Magic Tank Advantages

  1. Free online update lifetime;
  2. Latest firmware:V2021121801 , APP version 3.1.5, Current key date version:688
  3. With powerful motor and fastest cutting speed.
  4. Two years warranty and 24 hours service online.
  5. Bluetooth connected, smart control and easy operation on APP.
  6. Customize key type/blade in accuracy by camera tool,and name the key that you customize
  7. 2M2 can creat new key type/generate new key type/Customize key precisely and fast
  8. Mobile APP Android control interface, no need to learn, just follow the instructions on the APP.
  9. Automatically completion: cutting for Ford for Mondeo (FO21) and Jaguar (TEB1) round key, only need to clip the key blank once.
  10. Standard clamp on every machine: can fix laser key ,standard(flat) key, HU162T,TOY2 and other especial key types. Except for FO21/TEB1(optional).
  11. Support Single sided key / Double sided key / Round key /Track key /Laser key / Flat key
  12. . Support super key blank(S, T, L models).
Multi-language: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Notice: FO21 Clamp for Ford and Jaguar Tibbe needs to Buy Separately

How to Get 2M2 Magic Tank APP on the Phone?

1.Search 'Magictank'from Google Play
2.Scan the Code to download it directly

3.Copy this link to your browser and download it directly
scan code

NTOE: APP "MagicTank" can only download from Android system and cannot support IOS system now.

2M2 MagicTank Featuers:
  • .Small and portable;
  • .No need to change clamp when cutting laser key & flat key
  • .Standard clamp include laser key, flat key, dimple key, especial key(Toyota smart single side(Hilux),VW 4 sides key(HU162T),HU66, Free for Benz clamp(HU64),on and on;
  • .It includes 99% of Vehicle keys in database;
  • .It can generate key blank what you need in emergency(patent technology);
  • .It can customize key data and key type when you need in your local place.
  • .It also can decode and cut motorcycle keys and add new key data continuously;
  • .Portability and optional build-in Lithium battery: easy to carry to work outside, ensure one-time full charge.
  • . Free updating forever, 2 years of hardware warranties
Smart phone connect the machine by bluetooth;

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Details:

APP smart cellphone operation
Built-in Bluetooth function, use smart cellphone or tablet to download APP, easy for smart operations

Portable and convenient
Compact structure design, perfect space utilization; built-in lithium battery one-time full charge, machine will cut 20-45 keys stable solid handle for safe and portable movement, perfect experience

Standard equipped super 2 in 1 standard clamp and HU64 clamp with powerful function
2 in 1 Super clamp supports Flat key, Laser key,Sided, Track, Dimple and Tibbe keys. Special key(TOY2,HU66,HU162T) fixed in the same clamp. No need extra clamp.

Manufacture Process
Manufactured by Germany-made DMG CNC machine;American imported 4-Axis Precision Ball Screw with clearance function, ensures high precision cutting.

Online update
Free online update software, the latest update information will be released timely, 24hours support server online update, no need to send back for update.

All key lost 
When you lose all the keys, you can search key code via 2M2 Tank key cutting machine APP. Or find bitting if you don't know the lack of code of ignition lock

Cut by bitting

Generate the key

Technical service
2-year warranty, free technical support, online service to provide remote control support,24 hours service online.

This function can generate flat key types,standard key types,laser key types,inner groove, outer groove,2 tracks,4 tracks,and many special types. Most of our common key types.
How to operate?Where to choose? How to clamp key? Very easy to use, 2M2 Magic Tank APP key cutting machine will guide step by step. 
More than 100 key types(key blank,key blade) can be generated,we will be updating database from time to time

Working Temperature:                  0~50℃
Humidity:                         10~90%
Adaptor input:        AC 110~220V 50/60Hz
Adaptor output:                 DC 24V/8A
DC Power:                      DC 24V/5A
Battery Capacity:                 22V,90Wh
Net size:                      25*29*35(cm)
Packaged size:             49.8*435.*498(cm)
Net weight:                        10.8KG
Packaged weight:                  15.5KG
Spindle speed:                  10000RPM
Power:                             200W
Operation system:                 Android

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Package includes

1pc x 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine
1pc x Stopper
1pc x Hexagon Driver (2.5)
1pc x Hexagon Driver (8.0)
2pcs x 2.0mm Cutter
1pcs x 1.5mm Cutter
1pcs x Standard Clamp
4pcs x Probe
1pc x Blue Spanner
1pc x Red Spanner
1pc x Brush
1pc x Power Adapter

Contact information:
Whatsapp: +86 15271813909

Using Tips
  • When the machine is ready to work, please use a brush to clean the area around the fixture to ensure that the machine has high cutting accuracy and avoid components damaged by metal particles.
  • Please do not use any cleaning products to clean the machine.Otherwise it will damage the machine or corrode the machine
  • Please do not wash the machine with water or get the machine wet to prevent the machine from rusting or leakage of electricity.
  • Under any circumstances, please do not try to use air guns and dryers to clean the working area of the machine to prevent metal engraving particles from entering the inside of the machine.
Warranty and after-sales service
  • 2-year warranty
  • However, during the warranty period, if the machine functions abnormally due to the following reasons, free maintenance and repair will not be provided.
  • The machine fallen, the machine knocked or the voltage is wrong
  • Other force majeure
Technical Service: 
  • If you have any technical problem, please contact us online or by email at: Sales@2M2tank.com    
  • Remote help service: If your problem needs to be solved by remote help by our engineer, please contact the online service on the "MagicTank" and then we will help you in time.
  • Always use the machine in a safe environment
  • Wear protective glasses that meet ANSI standards
  • Keep away from the machine when working
  • Do not bring clothes, hair, hands and other tools close to the machine during work
  • Do not use the machine unattended
  • Do not use damaged or loose sockets
  • Please unplug the power plug when not in use for a long time
  • Do not place the machine in damp, greasy and dusty places
  • Do not place tools or containers on the machine
  • Put the machine on a flat and firm surface
  • Keep the machine dry and clean
  • Unplug the machine immediately under abnormal conditions


2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine

How to Use FO21 Clamp to Cut Ford Keys

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